About Us

Shopping for your home is always a fun thing to do, but there are so many things that need to be taken into consideration before actually making a purchase. Some of the factors that are taken into consideration are budget, reliability, functionality, warranty offered and the overall look of the product. When shopping for appliances, these kinds of factors are of really important.

Most people find themselves yearning for a spacious and name brand refrigerator to replace their old appliance, but most times their budgets don’t allow for that grand expenditure. The dilemma of what to do with that old appliance is also a factor in this situation as most people are not keen on simply throwing their old appliance in the garbage. We at Appliance Buy & Sell provide our visitors with a platform where you can purchase high quality and reliable products at a lower cost and even sell your old appliances. With us, you can choose from a variety of appliances of all genres and can even opt for a used product that is budget friendly.

Appliance Buy & Sell believes in providing high quality products, therefore our products are from verified owners only. If you want to purchase an appliance for your home or even have an appliance business of your own, you can join our community now and buy and sell the product of your choice form a global marketplace. We provide a wide range of products like appliances for the kitchen, laundry, freezers, ice makers, heating and cooling, accessories, home garden and living and electronics too.

On our website you can obtain access to services for your appliance, such as installation, maintenance, and repair. Appliance Buy & Sell believes in providing our users with the finest deals. We provide our customers with the best deals and sales so they can enjoy their shopping experience and not have to worry about exceeding their budget. Register with us now, and join a marketplace where you can sell and buy appliances with just one click!


Appliancesbuyandsell.com is a multiple vendor e-commerce platform company registered in the United States of America as an LLC company. We are positioning our self to become a market leader in offering a reliable marketplace for vendors selling new and used appliances, and buyers who need to buy such appliances. We offer a business-to-customer solution which enables vendors to achieve growth.

We utilize a very user-friendly website to allow vendors and buyers the opportunity to have a uniform and trouble-free way to trade. The website also enables buyers to get appliances that suit their needs and preferences. In addition to that, we provide installation, maintenance and repair services through the website which sets it apart from other e-commerce platforms. We also sell our own inventory of appliances in addition to those of other vendors.

We position our self for rapid growth and we are gaining a strong opportunity to raise entry barriers for possible competition.

The Market

E-commerce continues to accelerate and the amount of money spent on purchases made through the Internet shows no sign of decline. In 2015, online selling platforms saw revenues quadruple, jumping 300% to about $11 billion and far exceeding expectations, according to a study by Shop.org and Boston Consulting Group.

The study of 30 retailers in such categories as electronics/appliances, home and garden showed a 270% growth in the number of orders. The study indicated that online sales were growing at 145% annually and it projected online seller revenues of more than $36 billion for last year.

An earlier study conducted by Ernst & Young, before the holiday frenzy, already estimated that total revenues for online sales for the calendar year just completed were around $25-30 billion. This indicates an amazing opportunity.


The ultimate benefit of the Appliancesbuyandsell.com is that it enhances the overall image of appliances vendors. Consumers demand not only convenience but a peace of mind. The platform offers both, and it will increase the number of buyers, thus causing a market expansion for the vendors. The vendors who have implemented the platform will continue to differentiate themselves and capture larger market shares in the appliances segments of their respective locations. Since we aim to be embraced by the majority of vendors, the platform will become an industry standard.

Due to the ability to compete Appliancesbuyandsell.com is poised for rapid growth. By securing agreements with companies that host large numbers of merchants, we will raise high entry barriers for possible competition and maintain a steady competitive advantage.

ABS is a marketplace designed for small business owners and buyers to buy and sell new and used appliances online.

Our president and owner started as a young and self motivated entrepreneur from Queens, New York buying and selling appliances.

As a small business owner himself, Mr. Luna struggled for many years to keep his appliance business afloat but, after meeting with many other business owners, he realized that the best route to success was to create a community that united buyers and sellers for the mutual benefit of both.